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Fishing along the Rossburn Subdivision Trail

The new fishing map by Asessippi Parkland Tourism has been published recently! Taking this as an opportunity to give you more information on fishing along the Rossburn Subdivision Trail.

Fishing lakes along the Rossburn Subdivision Trail

Fishing along the Rossburn Subdivision Trail
Asessippi Parkland Tourism Fishing Map 2022 (cutout)

While traveling on the Rossburn Subdivision Trail and through the communities along the trail ,the closest lakes for fishing are the following:

  • Spear Lake (30)
  • Rossman Lake (31)
  • Arrow Lake (34)
  • Patterson Lake (36)
  • Seech Lake (33)
  • Tokaryk Lake (37)

Closer towards Riding Mountain National Park, you find:

  • Silver Beach (35)
  • Deep Lake (32)

Depending on the lake, there is a chance to fish for Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Whitefish, Perch, Carp, and Pike.

Find further information on fishing in Manitoba/ the area here

A quick summary of “how-to-fish-in-Manitoba”

Taken from the Asessippi Parkland Tourism Fishing Map 2022. Please check the above mentioned sources for more information.

  • Barbless hooks: In Manitoba, anglers must use barbless hooks. When you are fishing, the hooks attached to all your lines, whether in use or not, must be barbless.
  • Fishing methods: Recreational fishing includes angling, spear fishing, bow fishing, dip netting, seining, and minnow trapping. Under no circumstances may explosives or firearms be used.
  • Angling License: All persons, who engage in any kind of fishing, must have a Manitoba Angling License on their person. There are exemptions regarding youth under 16 and indigenous peoples.
Fishing along Rossburn Subdivsion Trail
Fishing Fun pictured! © Steve Langston

Wishing y’all a good time fishing on the lakes along Rossburn Subdivision Trail! 🙂

By the way, we are always happy to receive pictures or videos when you are out on the trail, so please share your adventures with us! Just send a mail to or contact us via our social media channels (Facebook & Instagram). Thanks!

Asessippi Parkland Tourism Fishing Map 2022