RSTA is looking for maintenance services

Request for Expression of Interest

(Does not constitute an offer and is not intended to be a formal legally binding bid process)

The Rossburn Subdivision Trail Association (RSTA) is a non-profit organization managing the Rossburn Subdivision Trail. We are requesting an expression of interest for the maintenance services along the trail consisting of 176 km running from Neepawa to Russell on an old railway bed (find the map at ). For more information about the Rossburn Subdivision Trail, please have a look here.

Maintenance services expected

The services expected consist of a twice annually (May/June and Sept/Oct) inspection of the whole trail with a written report including pictures to the RSTA board on condition, problems, and ideally suggestions of solutions. RSTA supplies signs and signposts to replace those signs damaged or disappeared during that inspection.


You will need your own equipment, including a 4-wheeler, or side-by-side to travel along the trail, otherwise non-motorized. It is possible that a few spots are not possible to traverse with a motorized vehicle and will need a detour, especially at the spring inspection, depending on spring flooding.

We expect you to work independently and decide on your own on the best time/day of spring and fall inspection with the expectation for it to be done and reported on by June 15 and October 15.  Ideally, you can present your reports at our board meeting and/or be available for questions.

Contact us

If you are interested in this work, please state the expected remuneration (honorarium). For further information, you can contact Ilse at 204-859-2497. We are looking forward hearing from you.

Please email your Expression of Interest to RSTA by January 25th, 2024, at

Fall inspection 2023
Fall inspection 2023
Fall inspection 2023