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    “A love of adventure” – Ed The Hiker on the RST (Crossroads This Week)

    October 21st, 2022 in Crossroads This Week -“Long distance hiking … when you can enjoy walking in bad weather, or when you’ve walked 10kms and need to walk another 40kms, and you can still find a way to enjoy that… then you can do it. It is definitely a mental thing… but for supplies and gear, you need to find what works for you and stick to it.”- Ed “The Hiker” Talone, taken from CTW_2022_10_21, p. 7, written by Racheal Flintoft

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    “It’s superb” – South Mountain Press reporting about the Elk Link Trail

    September 9th, 2022 in South Mountain Press – “The uniqueness of the [Elk Link Trail] and [Trans Canada Trail] in our area […] is that it is prairie countryside. […] You go past century-old farms, beautiful fields and country vistas, old cemeteries, abandoned farm sites, a lovely old barn, obsolete farm machinery, the Rolling River itself, and an interesting old trestle bridge that used to be part of the rail line.” – taken from South Mountain Press_2022_09_9, p. 3, written by Candy Irwin

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    NMS students assist Lions with trail clean up

    July 8th, 2022 in Neepawa Banner & Press – “Grade 6 students from Neepawa Middle School (NMS) were hard at work on July 27 and 28 helping the Neepawa Lions to clean up the Great Canadian Trail, which runs through Neepawa.” – taken from Neepawa Banner & Press_2022_07_8, p. 11

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    Fading Prairie Sentinels Mark Tour Along Trans-Canada Trail

    October 1st, 2021 in The Minnedosa Tribune – It was our third and last and best day of cycling on the “Rossburn Subdivision” pathway, which stretches 172 km, Neepawa to Russell. The “rails-to-trail” path serves as an informal border between the prairies and parkland. The beautiful July day in 2017 was just the right mix of hot and windy – welcomed, but neither was oppressive. The two ruts of the trail were well packed, and our mountain bikes rolled along easily. As with railway beds, there are no steep hills, only long steady inclines. – taken from The Minnedosa Tribune_2021_10_1, written by Mark Kihn

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    From Rail to Trail – My solo hiking adventure along a section of the Rossburn Subdivision Trail

    November 20th, 2020 in Crossroads This Week – Feeling quite satisfied, my initial preconceived opinion of what the RST would bring to me as a hiker had changed… leaving me aspiring to come again. I saw beautiful landscapes, wildlife, interpretative information, and experienced solitude. The trail itself wasn’t difficult but did allow for a pace set individually by the trail user. My hike that day included about 20 kms return, and as a good interpretation of the new trail connector, I’m excited to get back out soon. – taken from CTW_2020_11_20; pp. 5 & 7, written by Racheal Flintoft

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    Russell’s Storybook trail comes to life

    November 13rd, 2020 in Crossroads This Week – “This story book trail is part of our Rossburn Subdivision Trail (RST); we didn’t build a new trail rather added the storybook three-foot page posts to our existing network,” explained Ilse Ketelsen, secretary/ treasurer with the Rossburn Subdivision Trail Association (RSTA). “The concept as such is to promote physical activity, literacy and family connections at the same time.” Ketelsen continued, stating that the project is very fitting for the RSTA and by bringing a new outdoor activity option, it is believed to bring enhanced mental wellness as well. – taken from CTW_2020_11_13; p. 1, written by Racheal Flintoft