Take a rest! – Watertower project finished in Erickson

Our Erickson Water Tower Project has successfully been completed!

We created a 352 square feet, t-shaped wooden deck with benches as resting spot and point of interest look-out 2.6 miles West of Erickson. A new restarea to pause and observe Mother Nature while hiking, biking or horseback riding on the Rossburn Subdivision Trail or Elk Link Trail – its connector trail to Riding Mountain National Park.

Where to find the new restarea?

This new rest area is located on the Rolling River at Highways #10 & 45 Junction right along the Rossburn Subdivision Trail – and not far from the Elk Link Trail.

📍 50.5232387,-99.9463478

Discover railway history

There is something special about this place: You will take a break on a real remnant of railway history! The deck is built on a Canadian Northern Railway Water Tower foundation – serving its first train October 1905. Twenty interpretive signs will still be added, sharing amongst other things interesting information about the history of the area.

Thank you!

Thanks to Trails Manitoba, Erickson recreation commission & Erickson endowment fund for supporting this project and for making this new restarea along the Rossburn Subdivision Trail possible!

restarea erickson
Work in progress …
restarea Erickson
… happy with the result!