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Winter fun on the Rossburn Subdivision Trail

Snowmobilers – Trail is open for 2023!

The Rossburn Subdivision Trail gives you the opportunity to discover our wonderful provice – during all seasons. Most of the trail is groomed for snowmobiling in winter.

Snowmobiling on the trail

For more detailed information about snowmobiling in Manitoba and for current trail conditions, we recommend to have a look at the official homepage of Snoman (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) Incorporated.

Click here for Snoman’s Interactive Trail Status Map.

Want to explore the Rossburn Subdivision Trail? Watch for Trail No. 13!

The Rossburn Subdivision Trail runs under Trail No. 13 on Snoman’s trail map. This trail takes you from Russell to Neepawa. Several local snowmobiling clubs are responsible for grooming the trail.

While the Elk Link Trail is not open for snowmobiling in winter, a similar route takes you from Trail No. 13/ Rossburn Subdivision Trail up North towards Onanole. Follow Trail No. 522!

Visit the local snowmobiling clubs’ homepages/ social media accounts

Other winter activities on the Rossburn Subdivision Trail?

While the Rossburn Subdivision Trail is technically a multi-use trail in winter, it is not specifically prepared for other winter activities at the moment. Nevertheless, you can of course hike, bike, ride, snowshoe, cross-country-ski if you want to. Just notice: Snowmobilers are out there and active on the trail. There is no special grooming for other activities.

Horse sled spotted on the trail close to Elphinstone

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